Now the 9, PW and AW are not all that different from the , but maybe the added loft makes the topline appear thinner. Most of the golf magazines do the same thing. Taylormade r11 9 degree Fairway: First, the feel on both RBZ 3-woods was exceptional. After trying the 4I with S my opinion of it improved a little, but it definitely still has a different feel and sound from the rest of the set. The way the club works if you change the loft by moving the clubhead to a different position on the FCT sleeve then you also change the face angle. Towering flat height, for me, and very long.

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RocketBallz RBZ 3 wood that could be a game changer – GolfWRX

The iron inspires confidence bwst its topline and a little bit of offset. The 9-iron had the biggest gap, but the TWVs is also 2 degrees stronger. I went from consistently shooting on the 2 courses i play and the first time out with the new irona shot an 82… Very forgiving club with a solid feel. I’ve always considered my 3-wood to be an alternative to the driver when faced with tee shots that require a straight, controlled drive to a certain distance.

I was hitting Jason Day moonbombs with this bad boy. Well, try adjusting it to see what helps close the face, as you work on on your swing. You currently have javascript sstup.

TaylorMade RocketBallz Irons Review

Ball flight was much lower than I would have expected not super low, just not much different than my 7 iron — Inconsistent misses. I previously owned an R7 Draw which I hit well but took a risk and thought it was time for a change. These clubs cut through the rough nicely as well. With such contrast, and with no boundaries on what might look good or not, I wish the RBZ woods had a bigger alignment aid on the crown. The M1 7-iron is visually appealing to me as far as the finish and overall look.


Fast-flexing faces and innovative Toe-Bar technology for exceptional feel and sound. I actually had more success in the rough then I did when I was in the fairway.

But is that not the same as simply rotating the face open or closed at address?

TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver Review

Log in to Reply. This year i bought into the hype as i saw what the taylormade burner 2. The exceptional feel continued.

Dale Apr 18, at And frankly, we think it’s better to test equipment the way most folks are able fot test new gear: Videos 1 week ago. The traditionally shaped, oversized RBZ has a slightly deeper face than most new fairway woods—something that I’ve wanted to see for some time now. M1 is more what I like to see shape wise, but M2 was not bad at all. I started with the iron because… how often do you get to hit a club stamped with an 11?

I must say at first it took some getting use to but once I got adjusted to them I must say they are the best set of irons I have hit and they are longer than any other iron I have hit. I am sure that it has something to do with all sethp carbon fiber but it does have a better sound. Here seup few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below. According to my laser, flush shots were going yards my usual blade 5 iron distance and very high.


I bought the tour The Best Players Irons of Some of us enjoy the process of learning how to cut bread well and consistently so that in the future we can choose the thickness of our bread hit draw or fade as needed.

I decided on the TWVs because I wanted the extra performance and forgiveness.

Less glare looking down on the iron. With the RBZ, it’s more like yards.

But you’re better off in practice keeping it neutral and add fixing the swing or taking lessons to address your issues. For shots higher on the face, I was very surprised and happy to see a minimal loss of distance. However using the adjustable hosel on the RBZ driver we were able to take some loft off to reduce the height, although this did change the lie angle of the club, but that was OK.