The multipath command works correctly otherwise, right? The normal protocol is a four-step process: No longer spins up idle spare drives. Fixed bug where deleting logical volumes could hang the system. My hope was that it would make it there, but it seems an earlier patch by Chase Maupin was taken instead with some later modifications. Running an strace on the multipath command shows the issue at:

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– FEAT: RHEL CCISS device-mapper-multipath support: missing sysfs attributes

Fixed “out of memory” error introduced in the 2. This feature has been removed, as any Smart Arrays not known to cciss are now presumed to be claimed by the hpsa driver.

So far, I haven’t had any luck duplicating this problem. C0dx will NOT appear in mount command.

cciss(4) – Linux man page

The only disk devices that are presented to the kernel are logical drives that the array controller constructs from regions on the physical drives. Files Device nodes The device naming scheme is as follows: Here’s a sample report from arrayprobe 2.


Comment 15 Andrew Patterson The hpsa driver is a SCSI driver, while the devce driver is a block driver.

I think the id’s are all in so it should work just fine. Comment 9 Tomas Henzl Note also that most tape drives will not oblige in aborting commands, and sometimes devie appears they will not even obey a reset command, though in most circumstances they will.

This binary RPM may then be installed in the usual way, for instance: This is simply because making the switch is somewhat complex and it is easy to make a mistake or forget something and get your system into an unbootable state.

Tom Comment 53 Ben Marzinski Initially, there was some overlap in the boards which these two drivers support.

Comment 7 Andrew Patterson That is, there are some kernels which have overlapping sets of controllers supported by both hpsa and cciss. In this case, it is just a text file, documentation, meant for human consumption. I can’t see it on my VZ control panel Proxmox Thanks.

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cciss(4): HP Smart Array block driver – Linux man page

Comment 8 Bryn M. Thanks, Tomas Comment 31 Tomas Henzl Please post an appropriate patch for this here. Patches adding them devide posted twice to LKML back in Fixed issue where controllers that had no configured volumes did not show up in the OS. Comment 42 Oliver Hookins To enable this feature of hpsa, the module parameter hpsa. Fixed issue where ACU would hang after several operations.

If any revisions are required, please edit the “Technical Notes” field accordingly. Comment 56 Ben Marzinski Arrayprobe offsite makes a report of events recorded by Smartarray contollers. You must be knowing what this directory is for. Debian package is greatly simplified. Comment 60 Barry Donahue Should I file a new bug for this?