This will produce a properly formatted ramdisk in the directory above the current one with the proper name. One library is not: Nothing wrong with that, but that isn’t how you stay in business in the long term. Once inside, it is the nice and comfy environment you’d expect. Dmitry is doing the unthinkable – developing applications and applications that put the lie to what Palm keeps telling us – that Palm products are unusable beyond what their engineers TELL us they can do.

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Palm stands for old, handheld, and in many peoples minds monochrome. Transcend’s “GPL release package” can be gotten here registration required. Rather than be concerned that people might confuse his site and products with theirs, Palm should try to confuse his site products with theirs.

GDB support was added later, as well as a lot of optimizations.

Dmitry Grinberg Gets C&D’d by Palm

First we need to figure out how the existing grinberf is configured. Well, it is not configured with a “.

The feature was presented at VMWorld Guess where I’m going today? They are not even close to complying with the GPL. It’s not like Dmitry just started up, in fact this is probably the end of the road for him and Palm devices. Any use of the word Palm is for discussion purposes and is a registered trademark of Palm Inc. We had to catch this and detect breakpoints some other way.


I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. I was thinking more along the lines of I worked on a project that later became the Fire Phone though much later.

One library is not: Kernel bring-up was next. This shows the lack of good criteria that is making palm failing as company. I was also the tech lead for the android sensor hub project. Clearly Transcend did not ship us the proper config. If this does not scare you, it should – the external filesystem can cache reads and buffer writes at will, so no matter how clever the internal driver is, it can never have the whole picture.

my Treo v and I: Interview with Dmitry Grinberg by TamsPalm OS Blog

Palm tried to pull this several years ago. At least he cares whether Palm’s hardware and software work correctly. Palm rounded up the undesirables a few years back too, then just decided to let it go. PalmInfocenter is not responsible for them in any way.


SDHC Driver for Palm Handhelds Now Available

The kernel supports loopmounts, so you can have fun with it. OK, this just ruined my day!! In fact, the kernel had nothing of interest enabled at all – no fun for us! Because I could easliy be confused” The reason is because his site does not mention anything about the trademarks. Creating software to benefit their retired fleet, would mean less revenue off new hardware sales. Encouraging comments from readers Donte said Thanks for the extra 35MB, Palm – what changed?

Account Register Log in user: It is shipping in all new phones this and next year. Since VMWare record-reply was deterministic, one could replay the same recording over and over, as needed.

The modules pose an interesting problem – kernel checks module versions and refuses to load wrong ones. If you look closely at the bottom of this page, there is a disclaimer there.