Embedded high sensitivity GPS active antenna. Read basic guidelines before using optional external active antenna. Use only the supplied and approved optional accessories. Defense Mapping Agency DMA parameters for determining global geometric and physical geodetic relationships. Except as required by applicable laws, no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are made in relation to the accuracy, reliability or contents of this user guide.

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It is purely a GPS receiver. The system satellites continuously transmit signals contain the information of time and distance in a precise formation, 24 hours ceux day in any weather condition, everywhere around the world.

An indication of satellite signal strength received by the GPS receiver. I was amazed at the speed of Fixing. The unit is powered by internal Li-Ion batteries. Use of other active antennas will severely degrade positioning performance or even damage the receiver.


The synthetic screen displays on the PDA in this manual and on the package description are for demonstration purposes only. I had experience of using Bluetooth with cux my Portable Computer and also my Nokia i so connecting was not a problem.

There is no need to configure it for normal use. There are no user serviceable parts inside the receiver.

We still get quite a few requests for our inside articles, what’s my GPS Receiver look like inside, and we have been having a few requests lately for the Emtac Sleeve, so here goes! The suggestions below will help you to fulfill any warranty obligations.


The other day I was able to test this in a real environment: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Find the latest technology news, breaking science discoveries, hottest tech rumors, and best deals in tech and toys.

I really found that incredible, the only other receiver I had seen that could come anywhere near this was the Garmin GPSMAP76 which could only manage a fix on 2 satellites. Rough handling can break the connector, jack, switch and internal electronic circuit boards. I did notice that once on the waypoint my position would shift, and was more accurate when moving towards the waypoint.

Warm Start Start mode of the GPS receiver when current position, clock offset and approximate GPA time are input by user or by the application software. Baud Bits per second.

Emtac D1598 Crux II Bluetooth Wireless GPS Receiver – VGC

Latitude and longitude lines on a paper map are referenced to a specific map datum. Subsequent cold fixes first thing in the morning take less than 60 seconds, typically being in the second range. All you need to do is loosen and remove the screws on the underside of the sleeve closest to the iPAQthen gently prise the sleeve open. Accuracy is subject to change in accordance with the U.

The unit is capable of recollecting this information on its own, but the process can take several minutes. The L-band signal is modulated with a pseudo random noise code to spread the signal energy over a much wider bandwidth than the signal information bandwidth.

Emtac D Crux II Bluetooth Wireless GPS Receiver – VGC | eBay

The screen image to the left shows a differential fix in OziExplorer, taken with the receiver on my office windowsill. When the CF LP GPS warms up to its normal operation temperature, moisture can aggregate inside it, which may severely damage electronic circuit vrux inside. Transplant Computing reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this user guide.


This has to be the most innovative and impressive piece of new technology in the GPS arena.

Inside a Emtac Crux II GPSJAQ Sleeve

All other products and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners. Those of you out there that are used to traditional handheld GPS receivers will not find any track recording, waypoints, routing, or navigation built in to this device.

This optional active antenna is embedded magnet in the bottom for easy mounting on metal surface, be caution not emttac near to materials are sensitive to magnetic field, such as magnetic storage media like floppy diskette. In both cases I only had a 3G location fix no WAAS, so this should determine the accuracy of the receiver in a variety of conditions.

Use of any other antennas will severely degrade positioning performance or even damage the receiver. OK so now the downside!

The battery life, which although was excellent and more than sufficient for my needs, extensive driving trips or long hikes could drain the power.