In Windows 8 and 10 it’s a full on anti virus,, but not 7. Tripecac Max Output Level: I haven’t used it much with Sonar yet, but have been listening to music on it as a test. You definitely want ASIO. I think that the Scarlett is a device made for working with Audio inside professional software and was never intended to be used for PC chores. What do you use for AntiVirus instead? Even though you don’t think it’s causing issues this is a highly suspect culprit.

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I work with them in the middle Later, I tested for about an hour in Sonar, and didn’t have any dropouts, just the normal crackles whenever I try to move clips around in real time which is what I’ve gocusrite gotten with Platinum regardless of sound card.

Open the task manager and keep it open while you listen to playback. And finally, are there ways of improving the performance and stability of the Scarlett or any USB audio interface by somehow increasing the power to it?

I thought the same I don’t have any issues with my set up but as I said, I have no other audio device available so Windows seems happy to use my Scarlett. It still working happily away in my old backup DAW. Yes, if you’re no xsio detecting any other interruptions, the problems were likely due to the USB3 port. IOW, make it a last resort! As for startup items, I’m pretty good focurite periodically going through msconfig and services.


Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. I tried yet another USB port which is not one of the blue ones focusriite was able to go more than 27 minutes without a dropout, before I had to go. The should have allowed for the option of wall power like the Tascam us2x2, same price point. East of Santa Monica Status: Are they not as capable of handling multitasking?

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Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (USB audio interface) – Dropouts, ASIO, and other questions

In Windows 8 and 10 it’s a full on anti virus, but not 7. For the past week, I haven’t had any dropouts except with certain games, which have been known for audio glitches. I use it for everything and I often have multiple programs open. Mostly just aio for work, games, and multimedia.

What else can I try as far as finding and eliminating the cause of the dropouts USB interruptions?

DPC latency is fine I just checked. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Disable them in Device manager. I haven’t used it much with Sonar yet, but have been listening to music on it as a test.


As for anti-virus, I know AVG gets rough reviews at times, but so do all anti-virus programs. Well you are doing lots of stuff I avoid with my DAW. I never gave those things much consideration until now!

If I buy a USB PCI card or find one in my closetthen do any of the following choices matter in terms of the minimizing the likelihood of dropouts when using the Scarlett with Sonar?

I use my Scarlett for both DAW use and windows general use. I will test more tomorrow to see if I get any dropouts.

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Fingers crossed for the Nth time this week Just to chime in. That may have helped, as the interruptions as less frequent, but they still happen. Well, at least the free ones.