If suspend does not work, there are various quirk options you can try. April 7th, 2. Some index files failed to download. This obviously requires sysfs to be enabled in the kernel, as it is in the Arch Linux kernel. April 8th, 7.

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Great responsiveness for the specs, but youtube sucks on html5. Really better than Ubuntu If you have problems playing p and i videos, yes, that’s normal while there are not accelerated XV drivers. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

A higher kernel is available in backports. Then you can use it like so:. Linux actually, in this kind of platform, is good for desktop usage but not for Multimedia purpose there are still too many websites with media contents.

Alternatively, if you have gna500 enabled on your machine you could do it remotely. I have tried with Poulsbo, but after adding repository it just do not see any file, while gms500 to install the driver.


April 6th, 1. Then, in the terminal: Related articles Intel graphics Xorg MPlayer. Commenti sul post Atom. The above configuration file will replace the xfvideo-fbdev driver.

Intel GMA – ArchWiki

Simply save it as brightness. Add them to your kernel parameters. So can you help me with this problem?

I did it according to this tutorial first part with PPA: Coudn’t manage brightness keys for now. If you are not able to resume and you get a black screen instead, try the above llnux command with only one dash. You can have a test for that. April 7th, 3.

Driver overview

April 8th, 7. It does not show whole screen and it is cut in the middle. The examples below will feature x, but be sure to change it kinux the actual resolution of your screen. Did you try various boot parameters in grub? This page was last modified on 20 Februaryat Wei Xu 3 aprile Instead of hard rebooting, you could try to blindly reboot your system, since the last thing you used before suspend was the terminal.


Alternatively, you can try the mainline kernel: Wait and see what other advise gmq500 may offer. I also cannot change my resolution x to lower like x If it is called from a daemon or a tty, it won’t work. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. TheKazaR 3 aprile Live Gna500 CD