The right side houses the notebook lock port, an S-video out port, and another USB port. HP ZE screen view larger image. Battery After reading the impromptu reviews posted on CircuitCity. The Altec Lansing speakers sit at the front edge of the bottom lip of the notebook. Praises and Complaints For what I paid, I received quite a bit in this laptop.

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The wireless has freed me from my desk at home, and the customizable touchpad makes browsing webpages much easier. I have so many USB devices that I ended up buying a seven-port hub anyway.

We use Super Pavillioon to get a benchmark of processor speed. The keyboard flex is barely perceptible during normal typing, though hard keystrokes do cause some noticeable flex.

1GB RAM Memory for the HP Pavilion ze2000 ze2000t ze2000z and zt3000 Laptops (DDR-333 PC2700

HP ZEz right side view view larger image. My main concern with the laptop is its lack of RAM memory.

The headphone and microphone ports are located on the front of the notebook, to the right of the latch. Brightview screen, DVD burner, built-in wireless; yet it does not compromise style or quality.

A black, textured matte frames the interior and provides contrast.

The display itself is quite pleasing to view, and the reflective surface that is characteristic of BrightView displays does not hamper my viewing experience at all. The hinges on the screen unfortunately do not hold it in place well enough to stop it from bouncing when poked, though otherwise it seems sturdy enough.


I especially enjoy the classy looks, vidoe screen, and surprisingly decent battery life. I certainly felt that I received a good deal, especially when the about of rebates offered on the zeus decreased in the following weeks. Since the video card takes mb of the total memory, only mb remains for running applications.

HP Pavilion ZE2000 Review (pics, specs)

Comparison of notebooks using Super Pi to calculate Pi to 2 million digits plugged in: Specifically, I hoped to be able to do basic school-related tasks writing papers, creating spreadsheets, e-mailing, etc.

Like most retail computers, the laptop pavillion loaded with a slew of superfluous software which I methodically uninstalled. HP ZEz left side view view larger image. For the price, there was no other system that offered comparable specifications.

Most of the reviews pointed out the battery life as a major drawback to this otherwise feature-packed notebook.

With the approach of autumn, the prospect of heading off to college loomed large on my mind.

HP Pavilion ZE Review (pics, specs)

HP ZE touchpad and front side view view larger image. Input and Output Ports Nothing really stands out as far as ports are concerned for this laptop. Gp fine at low volumes, the sound that they produce at moderate to high volumes is marred by distorted bass and tinny treble.

Calculating yp 2 million digits is our benchmark: Wireless Wireless, of course, was one of the things I was desperately seeking in a laptop and this one certainly does not disappoint.

There are keys for volume up and down; mute; and toggling the wireless card on and off.


With wireless turned off, screen at its third-lowest brightness setting, and some common applications running Microsoft Outlook, iTunes, AOL Ze0200 Messenger, Firefox, Adobe Photoshopthe battery lasted for 2 hours and 25 minutesblowing away the less-than-ninety minute results reported on the Circuit City website. Overall, the software package failed to impress, though it did include WinDVD 4.

HP ZE speaker view larger image.

HP did include shortcut keys for those operations ze0200 the gideo they are accessible by pressing a combination of the function key and the F keysbut the music application must be the active app for these keys to work, rendering them useless since I could just use the mouse to complete whatever function was required. Build and Design HP really did a good job with the paivllion series. Since I am listening to music all the time, I really miss the inclusion of playback controls to start, pause, and skip tracks in music programs.

Praises and Complaints For what I paid, I received quite a bit in this laptop. HP really did a good job with the ze series. The touch pad is easy to use and the textured surface offers surprisingly good feedback. Performance can get rather sluggish when multiple programs are run simultaneously.