With a single hardware solution to deploy, enterprises can simplify application development, lessen verification complexity, reduce deployment costs, and dramatically lower overall cost-of-ownership. Additional features and benefits include: With industry-leading cell phone technology at its core, the small and lightweight CN50 bridges the gap between a mobile computer and a traditional cell phone to provide high-quality voice communications without the expense of deploying and maintaining a separate device. ID Card Printer Ribbons. Events Calendar Glossary of Terms. CloneNGo device provisioning makes it easy to replicate a master configuration across an unlimited number of devices to get up and running quickly.

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The Intermec CN50 mobile computer is designed specifically for on-the-go field vevice customer service operations that need to be completed faster using only a single device that combines robust application processing, automated barcode data scanning and document capture, digital camera functionality, and 3G wireless WAN voice and data communication in a rugged compact package necessary to achieve better customer service and bottom line results, now and in the future.

CN50 Mobile Computer | CN50 Computer

Additional features and benefits include: Launcher for Android User Guide It is replaced by the Intermec CN The Intermec CN50 is the only 3. If mobility is of any concern to you, the CN50 will offer the most robust package of features to accomplish any in-the-field task. Capable of scanning all common 1D and 2D barcodes; 1D as small as 4 mils; 2D as small as 6. Support Get customer and product support for your Honeywell products.


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High-performance imager provides quick, accurate barcode scanning even in low light. Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging option enables users to capture high quality full-page documents.

Downloads Find supporting software for your Honeywell products. Warranty Find information about Honeywell’s product warranties. Customer service and other staff gain real-time access to document images, via the enterprise systems, which can be used to answer customer queries, issue invoices, and update records.


Golden Xevice Case Study. By improving the accuracy of the turn-by-turn directions, mobile workers are able to deliver better customer service and improve on-time delivery. This gives enterprises the flexibility to choose the network that provides the best geographic coverage and the lowest cost.

Enterprise Browser User Manual. Phone for fastest response. As the first device in the industry to offer a 3. With the class leading capabilities of the CN50 in their mobile workers’ hands, enterprises can improve their deivce processes, expand their service offerings and reduce the cost and complexity of a field mobility solution.

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Visa Global Logistics Case Study. The CN50 with EA21 imager, features an optional imaging application called Intermec Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging eMDI which gives mobile workers a fast and reliable way to convert paper documents into electronic files. Bing Lee Case Study. Support Services Technical support and product service programs your organization needs ensuring seamless coverage for your Honeywell solutions. The Wi-Fi certified With high speed uplink packet access HSUPA technology, the CN50 provides fast and reliable data connectivity for uploading large documents, real-time images or synchronization with your enterprise data base.


A built-in accelerometer allows the CN50 to rotate the display based on the orientation of the device, improving worker efficiency and the user experience during signature capture or similar operations. Compared with previous 2. Fastway Couriers Case Study. Interface cables and charging cradle sold separately. The CN50 ideally belongs in the hands of postal, field service, transportation, and sales workers who can take full advantage of its size and feature set.

World Vision Case Study. USB — High Speed 2.

As your business needs change or coverage options evolve, the Flexible Network Radio can be re-provisioned to a different carrier network. The CN50 is built deviice a unique multi-processor architecture with dedicated ARM and DSP processors to deliver robust application processing with nearly instantaneous response, all at the lowest levels of power consumption.

As the first device in the industry to offer a 3.