Jason Wee

Jason Wee is an artist and a writer working between contemporary art, architecture, poetry and photography.
His art practice contends with sources of singular authority in favour of polyphony. He transforms these histories and spaces into various visual and written materials, with particular attention to idealisms and conundrums.
He founded and runs Grey Projects, an artists’ space, library and residency that focuses on curatorship, new writing, design propositions and art. He is an editor for Softblow poetry journal.
He is the 2008 Young Artist Award winner for visual arts in Singapore. He is the 2009 Singapore Art Museum Voters’ Prize winner. He studied at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program and Harvard University.
Curatorial projects include Useful Fictions by Shubigi Rao (2013), Mirrors in the Dark by Lee Wen (2014), When You Get Closer To The Heart, You May Find Cracks by the Migrant Ecologies Project (NUS Museum, 2014). Recent exhibitions include Tomorrow Is An Island (Betonsalon, 2016) and Singapore Eye (ArtScience Museum, 2015).
My Suit is a brief and personal history of clothes- it is the story of how my mom decides, for a year or so, to only wear my clothes, and how I came up with a suit that I couldn’t afford.’