Follow these instructions and you’ll have it running in no time! I did not backup my files and everything still worked, but if you have very important files, I’d recommend putting them on a USB stick or something. Thanks for reading and I hope you found my guide useful! We’ll fix that in this section. If so, move along to the next section!

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Remember, MB is a gigabyte. Click Utilities in the menu bar, then Disk Utility.

You should now be in Windows. Find the section where it lists your first second and third boot devices. Thanks for reading and I hope you found my guide useful!

Installation Guides/Kalyway DualBoot 10.5.2

Press F10 to save settings type Y in the box that pops up and then exit setup. Select the other partition which should be above or below this one in the sidebar and have almost no difference between the capacity and avaliable space. Exit Disk Utility by clicking the red button in the corner. There should be around a 2GB difference between the Windows partition’s capacity and available space.

If you need further BIOS help, search for it on another site. As it reboots, put the GParted CD in the drive. All was handwritten and explained by me, but some helpful things were provided by this guide which was written by Jordan Griffith for Retrieved from ” http: Please Beware if you are already dual booting for me i was dual booting xp and windows 7 that when you shrink the first partition to make room for a partition for OSX and then using disk utility in the osx installer to format the partition for OSX as detailed in this tutorial it will also delete the partition after it.


You don’t need to select MBR like in the previous release. Skip the next section and go onwards to Burning. Log in Create account Recent changes I myself own a proper Mac, and it is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Remember, don’t pirate Mac, buy a legal copy! Instead, download it from here RAR file or here zip file.

Navigate to Mac OS X86 and when it says press any key, press the any key and select the option with the name you gave your hard drive in Disk Kaltway. Alternatively, you could get this advanced tboot. Right click on it and select Properties.

If you have 1GB, then the actual install should complete in about 15 min. As of now, we have a working Windows install, but we haven’t got any way to get to OS X.

You can choose either primary requires “chain0” or logical requires “tboot” partitions. Don’t select a different kernel unless you know what you are doing, the default one is good.

Installation Guides/Kalyway DualBoot – OSx86

Now that that’s finished, let’s move onto the next step. I have not tested it on an AMD, you’re better of going with the other installation guide if you have an AMD processor.


You should easily be able to tell which one it is ,alyway clicking a partition in the sidebar, then looking at the size down the bottom. If you enjoy the final outcome, consider donating to the Kalyway team or even more importantly, buy a license.

Thanks to bluedragon from InsanelyMac for the command prompt procedure! Leopard should boot up and you’ll be treated to a nice into video, too!

I did not backup my files and kalywau still worked, but if you have very important files, I’d recommend putting them on a USB stick or something. The media viveo will begin after you have finished the install. There should be a section called Applications, which has some great apps you can have installed by default, eg Adium an amazing instant messaging client VLC one of the best media players and much more. Make sure you set the speed to 4x to avoid making a coaster out of your DVD.