Loved the face impact labels — that really brings it home. I actually hit the G20 too real quick once as our Ping rep was cleaning up his stall at my club. Sliq 8 years ago. With the longer shaft, our testers averaged Larger face increases ball speed etc…new high point balance shaft for higher ball flight etc….. All Ping clubs come with a serial number so that Ping can exactly reproduce any club — as long as the club heads are in stock. The impact tape sequence was great and amazingly better for Dan and Mark with the shorter driver.

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Raw averages were compiled for each and every piece of data we culled from our simulators. Cyrus Janssen 9 months ago. AT TIMES if mygoflspy are able to maintain swing speed necessary to generate sufficient club head speed and hit the ball in the center, it will naturally go further. Posted September 7, Great review as always.

I too am a K15 player and have never hit the ball consistently straight and long with another driver. Here is a little info about me before I pick your brains.

Put the driver sole flat on the floor. The Rapture V2 is just as long, if not longer, just as forgiving, sounds times better and you can picked up a used one, or even a unused one for less than a buck and a half.

PING I20 Driver – Review

The G felt great and performed like the old G Hell Yes, it did. It turned up yesterday and I took to the course for a mid week 9 hole event. After tying a career best 39 on the back nine I bought one that day. Never played better golf. We have become known for bad grammar around here, kinda our thing.


The club had a regular stock shaft and, man, I could hit it way longer and straighter than with my G2. As a group our testers averaged The stock shaft is amazing i used the project x shaft thinking that it would be more stable and i was so wrong, the stock shaft beat the hell out of it… The Ping i20 is simply the best driver on the market for me, even the pro who had me on the flight scope has said he is considering changing his whole woods setup to the i20 from his Titliest which he is gameing now.

I got the I love the way the I20 irons look and feel. I am a former Junior golfer who has come back to the game at 31yo, I needed a set of basic clubs to get started again, I went to my local pro shop and was looking at some Wilson off the rack sets. Or are you just playing coy?

Though he would need to get fitted to find the appropriate steel shaft. So if you cut down the shaft and add weight to the head your driver should become a little more forgiving.

He asked me to share this information with the PPGS readers. For readers unable to get fit you also provide clubs that statistically should fit the greatest number of golfers in a given swing speed range.


The symptoms are the same — the graphite cracks and splinters, then fractures. It takes about 9g in the shaft to make 1 SWP change… so, you could easily swap out mygolfs;y shaft for a 10g heavier model and add a 6g tip pin or have the weight hot-melted inside. Then check that the lie suits you. He is the longest driver on tour and he uses the G15, now when we see the new add for the G20 i am betting that it pronounces the club to be more forgiving, longer, straighter than any previous makes.


Braden 4 years ago. Why do you guys change club sets every year or two its the money and nothing else. As a tradeoff for increasing the lengths of the shafts, PING had to reduce head weight throughout the set.

Sorry I got here 5 years too late, but I am a firm believer that the G20 is in the top 5 of all cc drivers ever designed and made. I wanted to fall in love with my purchase. I think the triangle is a better design for stability.