Site 2



Video installation, 2014

Twenty two years after leaving, Srey Bandaul returned to Site 2, a notorious refugee camp in Thailand where the he grew up in in the 1980s and 90s.

Captured in a video installation is a meditative performance by the artist which seeks to demarcate the landscape. This terrain is now barren but was once heaving with over 300,000 Cambodian refugees for sometimes over 10 years. He traces patterns in the land using the fabric of the sarong and mosquito netting which remain in everyday use across Cambodia and beyond in South East Asia. This land which Srey draws us into is loaded with memory. Site 2 has a history as an in-between, temporary or semi-permanent space – not Thailand and not Cambodia – and also as a point of departure. As a border place, it also is part of a shifting narrative of regional geo-politics.

This video was commissioned for the The Roving Eye, a major survey exhibition of South East Asian art curated by iola Lenzi which is currently on show at Arter – Sanat İçin Alan | Space for Art in Istanbul. The video was produced in collaboration with Khmer Passages (A UK-based by audio visual art collective lead by Thomas Buttery and Jai Rafferty).